Service to the Center

Fire Monkey Volunteers

In addition to the opportunities listed below, there are many avenues for volunteer service to fit your individual schedule, interests and talents. Contact Jackie Roberts for more information.

All programs are at the Shambhala Center, unless otherwise noted.

TO SEE A COMPLETE LIST OF ALL VOLUNTEER REQUESTS, CLICK HERE. You may also access an individual program using the blue links below.


Staffing community programs is open to everyone, and training is provided as needed. Contact Jackie Roberts for more information.

Children’s Day Celebration – Decorations and Staff: December  17th or 18th (sign up)


October-December (sign up)


If you’ve completed Shambhala Training Level III, you are warmly invited to join us on the path of staffing. You may staff any Way of Shambhala program that you have already taken. It is a wonderful way to support others on the path, and to review and refresh your own understanding of the teachings. Contact Jackie Roberts for more information.

Way of Shambhala–Year 1

Staffing for Contentment in Everyday Life (November 8-December 13)

Staffing for  Shambhala Training Level II w/Acharya Asrael (January 13-15)

Staffing for Joy in Everyday Life (January 24-February 21)

Staffing for  Shambhala Training Level III w/Patricia Kelly (February 10-12)

Staffing for Fearlessness in Everyday Life (March 21-April 18)

Staffing for  Shambhala Training Level IV w/Shastri Jonathan Barbieri  (March 24-26)

Staffing for Shambhala Training Level V w/Peter Aucott (April 28-30)

Staffing for Wisdom in Everyday Life (May 2-30)


Contact Jackie Roberts about public meditation and Laurie Lavine about open house.

Sunday Open House: MI and Guide


Sunday and Wednesday Morning: Open Sitting

December:   Umdze     Host

All-Community Weekly Retreats: MI/Guide and Host

WEDNESDAY at Highland Event Center (sign up)

THURSDAY  (sign up)


Werma Feast

Wednesday, December 21 with Acharya Melissa Moore (sign up)