Meetings on Enlightened Society and Denver Shambhala planning

These meetings will be coming in October-November! We will be announcing these dates very soon. Stay tuned.

Get Connected
To receive intra-sangha communications about the operations of  our Center, please consider enrolling in Denver Announce and Denver Discuss.  You can do this by sending a request to become enrolled to the Manager of the Databases, Paul Seewald at [email protected].  As Paul describes these services:

The Discuss list is used for members who want to post messages to other members about events or even personal information (health of members, members in need of help, etc.) Announce list is used for communicating to members and non-members primarily to let them know about events, their logistics and event cancellations.

We will be re-designing these news pages in the coming months and hope that you will consider this to be your opportunity to contribute your stories, photographs, artwork, videos and links that you feel would be of interest to others. Please send your items to: [email protected].