“Caring for others is the basis of worldly success.”  — Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

The sangha (community) is run by volunteers. Volunteers are always needed in a variety of jobs around the center – from simple data entry, to maintenance, hosting, assisting workshops, flower arranging, newsletter mailing support etc. Volunteering is best for the heart but it also looks good on a resume!

The first thing to know about volunteering is to practice general mindfulness. Arrive a few minutes early and look around the center and see if anything needs to be done – are the glass table tops clean?  How about the floors?  There is supposed to be a building cleaning crew but they often will miss the bathrooms and backstairs.

If it has snowed, they may have not gotten to the walks yet – in that case grab a shovel and give us a hand! While you are out there, you could pick up a few pieces of trash in the yard.

You can be trained as an umdze. The umdze are the “time keepers” in the meditation halls and are responsible for opening the shrines.  Please see the calendar for November trainings.

Hosts are needed for Sunday mornings to answer phones, assist with visitors and keep an eye on the common area – often times this job is shared with the Dorje Kasungs (who help provide a safe container for the teachings).

Handicap assistance is also possible.  Our building is not friendly in that sense and if there are some of us struggling, we may need a little assistance – but pride or embarrassment could slow us in asking for assistance – so you could ask us if you can help.

Help in the kitchen!  Unfortunately our moms don’t come around very often – so please wash your dishes.  Cups go back in the cabinet and silverware goes in a drawer.

When we leave, cushions in the meditation halls should be arranged and chairs in the common area rearranged if needed.

We are very short on folks to staff programs. If you have completed Level III, we need you!

You can assist with trainings and workshops and be able to attend those for free! Please see our service page for signing up and other volunteering opportunities.