Service to the Center in November: Our featured community page of the month


We Need You- One and All!  Even 10 minutes helps!

We have a new sign up process on the service page that makes it easy for you to know where we need your help and easy for you to sign up.
You can sign up to umdze, host, make flower arrangements, or clean so that you and others can enjoy meditation practice in an uplifted environment. We also post specific needs and opportunities there like cleaning the blinds or helping with the newsletter.

For instance, we have a lot of programs going on and we have a great need for staffing. If you have completed Level III, you are eligible to do this for those programs. It is a wonderful opportunity to hear the talks again and from different teachers! WIN WIN!

You can ALWAYS grab a friend and straighten up meditation cushions or help us pick up some trash in the backyard on any sunny Sunday you choose! No need to sign up for that!

If you do not have much time right now, please visit the page just to get familiar with it and book mark it for the future!

You can always find it listed and linked  in the Community Pages in the left sidebar of the News Page.