What or who are the Kasung and how do you become one?

A lot of people ask about the seriously joyful people who wear uniforms and special pins and sit so perfectly at the doors to the shrine rooms while we meditate. They hold the peaceful container so we can be calm and meditate and learn. The Kasung serve as protectors of the teachers, the teachings, and the community.

How Dare You
Be a tiger.
Lick the Wilkinson sword.
Join together with thunderbolt.
I am so proud to be one of the Kasung.

–Makkyi Rabjam Dorje Dradul of Mukpo

Learn more by attending the…

Kasung Oath Ceremony
with Kelly Lehmann
December 11th
You’re warmly invited to witness and celebrate three new Dorje Kasung as they take their Kasung oaths on Sunday, December 11th. Please join us for this joyous event! More