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Sangha Potluck Suppers!!

FAMILIES AND INDIVIDUALS! Because of the Shambhala Day celebrations, our next regular Sangha Supper will be coming soon on a Friday in March! Supper dates: March 23rd, April 13th and May 11th It is a great way to unwind on a Friday.

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Want more Shambhala Art in your life? Take a survey!

The Arts for the Community team, a part of the Vision to Action project (See link button in left sidebar), wants to know about the degree of interest within the SMCD community in expanding the Shambhala Arts program.

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A blog post from President Richard Reoch

Will our representatives called “The Three Pillars” blog–perhaps monthly- on the Denver Flag Blog right here? Let’s ask them! Richard Reoch: “The issue of inclusion and exclusion comes up whenever we experience change. The whole spectrum of human emotions arises throughout our community. There are zealots. There are those who are dismissive, those who are … Continue 

Enlightened Society — Walking the Talk

Free of charge with Martha Hildreth Thu January 12th: 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM In Room(s): Main Shrine Room We will begin with 30 minutes of sitting and contemplation. Following this time, Martha Hildreth will help lead time for sharing how folks are working with carrying our practice of enlightened society off the cushion to … Continue 

The Denver Flag Newsletter- January 2012

January 2012   You can subscribe to many international and amazing newsletters by signing into your member’s page to view your profile, manage all your subscriptions, and join the NEW members network! If you are not a member –and even if you are– you can unsubscribe at the bottom of tthe mailed newsletter. The members … Continue 

Vision to Action – Follow up Community Meeting

January 28th Vision to Action is an open invitation for all interested community members to participate in creating the Denver Center’s future to 2020 and beyond. The process continues through Shambhala Day 2012 (Feb 22nd). More Summary of Vision to Action Community Meeting,  Saturday, December 17, 2011 by Susan Skjei