A blog post from President Richard Reoch

Will our representatives called “The Three Pillars” blog–perhaps monthly- on the Denver Flag Blog right here? Let’s ask them!

Richard Reoch:

“The issue of inclusion and exclusion comes up whenever we experience change. The whole spectrum of human emotions arises throughout our community. There are zealots. There are those who are dismissive, those who are ignoring, those who are deeply anxious. How do we relate to people who feel disenfranchised? People who don’t feel at home in our shrine rooms? Who don’t want to come to a Kalapa Governance Gathering? Who say, “No, we aren’t building a culture of kindness in Shambhala. We are experiencing a climate of fear.” Those who are afraid to express dissent. For goodness sake, how can we let that happen in a community which prides itself on offering teachings on fearlessness and open heart!

I feel that we all have a personal responsibility to examine this. To try to understand these issues very deeply. Oddly enough, this as a gift. Here is a possibility — at the very time that we are going to be talking increasingly about enlightened society — to look at the sharp edges in our very own society.” read more…