Letter from the Director – April 19, 2017

Dear Denver Shambhala Community,

I would like to take this opportunity to connect directly with all of you. Much has transpired over the past few months. As many of you know, we have been in discussions with the Highland Event Center (HEC) regarding relocating the Shambhala Meditation Center of Denver (SMCD).

As expected, there have been many developments along the way. Many people have worked extremely hard to see this through. However, for reasons outside of our control, we have decided that we will not relocate our main Center to HEC at this time. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process.

So what’s next?

It is still our desire and inspiration to start a satellite location at the HEC. There is an active group of Shambhala community members in that area inspired to support this endeavor, and we are excited to see how this all unfolds.

Many new students have participated in the Wednesday night sessions led by Shastri Jeffrey Stevens at the HEC. It’s very inspiring to see so many new attendees exploring the path of meditation, thirsty for a contemplative community. Over the course of a few years, one can well imagine this satellite rapidly growing in such a vibrant area of the city. Please stay tuned for more details.

Satellite vision

Over the past few months, I have had multiple conversations with other Center Directors who have been through the satellite experience. Fortunately for us, they have provided a wealth of information regarding best practices. I look forward to sharing their feedback and suggestions with you. In particular, Tom Gaylord (the former Seattle Center Director) has shared an enriching document outlining how they succeeded in the development of multiple satellite locations.

Over the next ten years, our community will flourish through the establishment of satellites throughout metro Denver. This path will take time and will unfold as our resources can allow. Moving forward, we will continue to explore this approach as initially developed during our strategic planning process.

What about our current Center? What about our lease?

Please rest assured that at the moment, there is no need to be concerned. I had a great conversation with our current landlord’s representative. Even though there is an escape clause in our present lease, everything should remain the same until the end of 2017. And even though they are considering selling, such a transaction would take time. For now, they greatly appreciate our presence. That said, the long-term future of our current location is up for discussion. By early fall, we will have to make a clear decision regarding 2018 and beyond.

Your opportunity to participate!

Very soon we will be scheduling community meetings. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback and join us in a discussion about our community. Also, for those interested in helping with the HEC satellite location, please stay tuned for further details.

Moving forward

We are excited to continue exploring our growth potential in the Denver area, cultivating the vision of Shambhala and our enriching community. Moving forward, together, and sharing the message of Basic Goodness and Enlightened Society, we will do great things.

Thank you for all your aspirations, hard work, membership and financial support to make Shambhala Denver a vibrant and thriving community. It is a very inspiring time to be part of this community, and I look forward to serving all of you in the year of the Fire Bird and beyond!

Please feel free to reach out at any time. I welcome and appreciate your comments, feedback, and suggestions.

With appreciation,
Glenn Austin




Executive Director
Shambhala Meditation Center of Denver
[email protected]