Letter from the SMCD Director – May 12, 2017

Dear Member,

At this time in the world, there is much fear, uncertainty, and confusion. We must come together and develop the strength to embody compassion during these uncertain times. The more suffering and aggression that arises, the more we must deepen our conviction and radiate basic goodness. This way is the path of Shambhala: gentleness and fearlessness.

Our Shambhala Center is the training ground. It is the place to gather our energy, cultivate our individual meditative practice, and work with others in a dignified and uplifting environment. Together we can rise to the challenge, raise our gaze and create an uplifted community.

By the end of 2016, our membership increased to 150 members, and we taught many more how to meditate through our Open House program. Both within our Shambhala community and in the world, we continue to share the profound message of basic goodness and the tools to create enlightened society.

You Are A Vital Part Of Our Continued Efforts

It is remarkable that your generosity provides the support for everyone who walks through our doors to experience the power of meditation. As a contributing member of our community your generously provides over 50% of our Center revenues which provides the opportunity for our members and visitors alike to experience sanity, kindness, and compassion through our programming, community activities, and friendships. Thank you!

Moving through the Year of the Fire Bird, we are launching efforts to strengthen our membership. There are many ways that you can contribute and get involved: meditation practice, community and program participation, volunteering and staffing and providing financial support.

Ways to Support Your Community

Become a member — If you are not yet a member, please consider becoming one. Membership dues are the backbone of our operation. Any monthly amount helps.

Increase your monthly commitment — If you can increase your regular monthly membership dues, that would be wonderful. The suggested monthly contribution amount is $50.00 for individuals, $75.00 for families and $108 for Sustaining Patrons. However, there is no limit! As a generosity goal, consider offering 5% of your earnings; it would be incredibly supportive for the Center and the vision of Shambhala.

Charitable donations — While regular gifts are our backbone, one-time gifts are also remarkably beneficial in supporting our efforts. (And, all giving to Shambhala is tax deductible.)

Shop with Amazon Smile — Amazon has an excellent donation program that lets you donate 0.5% of your Amazon purchase to your favorite non-profit organization. We hope that you select us, the “Shambhala Meditation Center of Denver” as your charitable organization. A little bit of setup with Amazon Smile and then 0.5% of the price of your eligible Amazon purchases go to SMCD. It’s easy and a great way to support our Shambhala Center.

With your generosity, we will continue to reach more people and create a more uplifted world. Your support allows programming to flourish, meditation teachings to spread, and enriching community activities to expand. I invite you all to express the wealth of our tradition, to let generosity flow, and to unleash the powerful potential of the Shambhala lineage.

With appreciation,
Glenn Austin




Executive Director
Shambhala Meditation Center of Denver
[email protected]