Empowering Regional Leadership Along the Front Range

Over the weekend of February 2nd through 4th, sangha members serving in positions of leadership of the Shambhala Centers along the front range met at the Shambhala Mountain Center.  This time served as a space to connect across interest, topics of leadership and study of the 3 Braveries (which was presented by the Sakyong at the Kalapa Garchen 2017).  Representatives from Fort Collins, Longmont, Boulder, Denver, Marpa House, the Kalapa Court and the Shambhala Mountain Center were present.  

Discussions around Diversity, Children and Families, Community Care and Programmatic Initiatives guided the practical discourse of the weekend.  Highlighting the specific needs of these groups as well as the inherent overlap and consideration of them working together.  Currently there is a regional director for Children and Families, Marisa Montagna, thanks to the wonderful generosity of the Shambhala Mountain Center setting aside funds from Family Camp to fund the position.  It was made evident that a regional director of Diversity would be of interest to the Front Range as the focused conversation was moving to seat a Regional Director overall for the Front Range.

Acharya Dan Hessey led the study of the 3 Braveries.  What was most engaging about this study was the many levels of perception that the talk inspired.  The Sakyong was talking mandala view about the 3 Braveries and being in the phase of manifesting kindness now that the Seat and Vision of Shambhala have been established.  Study of the 3 Braveries cut through to empower everyone who finds themself in a leadership role to take their seat as we continue to move forward in manifesting enlightened society.