New Culture & Decorum Delegate: Laurie Lavine

My name is Laurie Lavine and I have been a member of the Denver Shambhala Center for 9 years. This fall I will be taking on the role of Culture and Decorum Delegate. Culture is all the ways we feel connected to one another through regular public meditation practice, communal meals, and celebrations like Harvest of Peace and Shambhala Day.

During these events and practice sessions we embody the Shambhala principle of confidence in the basic goodness of oneself, of others and of society. Decorum involves certain forms and gestures that help to uplift our  environment and one another so that we can recognize the inherent dignity in each individual. The role of the Culture and Decorum Delegate is to help everyone feel welcome and at ease in our center and to create harmony by fostering an atmosphere of kindness, generosity and authentic presence.

Each delegate shows up differently based on their passions and interests. Because community has become so important during this time of tremendous change in the larger Shambhala mandala, my aspiration is twofold this year. First, I would like to emphasize the importance of hosting on Sunday mornings and at other programs and events so that people who have felt left out or marginalized can feel more welcomed at our center. Second, I am interested in developing social opportunities for our members outside of programs and public sitting through activities such as hikes, camping trips, downhill or cross-country ski or snowshoe trips and communal cooking at members’ homes. If you feel inspired to learn about the practice of hosting, or have ideas or suggestions about social activities, I look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me at [email protected].