Community Events

Shambhala Kids 2018-2019

with Amy Turino

September 16th—May 19th (2019)

Mindful programming aimed at serving kids ages 4 - 8. Continue »

Dragon Club 2018-2019

with Juliette Banerjee

September 16th—May 19th (2019)

Mindful space that aims to serve children ages 9 - 12. Continue »

The Compassionate Men Project

October 4th—December 27th

A men's group committed to social accountability. Continue »

Wheel of Dharma: Meditation & Book Club

October 10th—December 19th

We start with group meditation, followed by a book discussion with tea. You are welcome to drop in for an evening or more often. Continue »

Weekly Social Meditation Practice

November 15th—February 7th (2019)

Not afraid to be afraid Disempower shame Listen each other into wisdom Speak yourself into fearlessness Continue »