2019 Membership Drive

Our Goal: Raise our monthly membership donations by $1,400.

We can archive this by every member increasing their monthly dues by $20.

In light of all that has been happening in our community, donations to SMCD and our programming revenues have substantially declined over the last year. In order to keep our doors open, we need to take steps to better balance revenues and expenses. Our goal is to find a way to stabilize our local situation to keep our community together, keep teaching meditation, and keep supporting the spiritual growth of our community members.

While we are taking steps over the next six months to further reduce our expenses, one immediate way you can help is to increase your donations to SMCD. Every donation, whatever size, is an important contribution towards keeping our doors open.  Your continued generosity really makes a difference to our community.


  • Does any money go to the Sakyong and his family?
    • No.

  • How much do we send to the center of the mandala?
    • SMCD transfers $50 a month to Shambhala Global Services, which helps pay for our website, community database, financial reporting, and many more services that support our local operations. No funds from SMCD’s transfer go to support the Sakyong’s living expenses, travel expenses, or salary.

  • What is the monthly cost of our rent?
    • $4,429. 

  •  What is our monthly shortfall?
    • $1,750 based on the first three months of the year.

  • What is the monthly cost of other current operating expenses, and what is included?
    • Approx. $10,000 (rent, salary, accounting fees, bank fees, PayPal fees, general supplies, program expenses, program materials, teacher honorariums, insurance, internet, telephone, marketing, fundraising materials, copying, books, shrine supplies).

  • What are the current monthly average membership dues?
    • $3,400.

  • What else are we doing to close the gap between expenses and income?
    • Dissolving full-time Center Director position end of Sept. 2019.
    • Overall – moving towards volunteer-based operations & management.
    • Monitoring everyday expenses, and expenses related to classes & programming.
    • Opening up SMCD to other groups and individuals interested in renting our space.
    • Looking for volunteer help with accounting & finances.
    • Looking for a membership coordinator to work with membership & donations.
    • Additional actions to come.