Practice and Education Staffing

Public Programs:

You are warmly invited to join us on the path of staffing. It is a wonderful way to support others on the path, and to review and refresh your own understanding of the teachings. You may staff any Way of Shambhala course that you have already taken (In Everyday Life or Basic Goodness series). For Shambhala Training Levels, completion of Level III or beyond is required. Staffing for other public programs is usually open to anyone interested (see each program for any staff prerequisites).

Way of Shambhala–Year 1: Heart of Warriorship
Contact: Nan Clydesdale (

Level I: The Art of Being Human: August 2-4 (sign up)
Level II: Birth of the Warrior: September 27-29 (sign up)

Way of Shambhala–Year 2: Sacred Path
Contact: Nan Clydesdale (

Drala: June 21-23 (sign up)
Meek & Perky: July 19-21  (sign up)
Outrageous & Inscrutable: August 9-11  (sign up)
Golden Key: October 30-September 2  
(not available yet)

Other Public Programs
Contact: Jackie Roberts (

Begin Here Now: Meditation for Everyone
Meditation Instructors / Coordinator
July 6  (sign up)

STILLness: Meditation in the Galleries / Clyfford Still Museum
Meditation Instructor / Host
July 14  (sign up)       September 8  (sign up)

Public Meditation Practice & Open House:
Contacts: MI/Guide – Jackie Roberts (
Umdze/Host – Laurie Lavine (

Sunday Open House:
May – June  (sign up)
July – September  (sign up)

Sunday and Wednesday Open Sitting
June  (Umdze sign up)     (Host sign up)
July  (Umdze sign up)     (Host sign up)
August  (Umdze sign up)     (Host sign up)

Advanced Practice & Programs:
Contact: Betsy Railla (


To see a listing of all current volunteer opportunities, please click here and bookmark the page for easy reference.