Umdze / Timekeeper Training

with Fred Jaben & James Hollman

December 16th (2017)

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    Who is that person sitting up front?
    What exactly are they doing, and why? 

    An umdze is the timekeeper or chant leader for sitting meditation. Taking the umdze seat gives us the opportunity to deepen our own practice while also directly serving others. One needn't wait to achieve a certain practice level before training as an umdze – as with sitting meditation, the practice itself teaches us what we need to know.
    In this training you’ll learn the skills and precise details needed to relate with the shrine, lead the chants, and hold an uplifted meditative space for others. And yes, you get to ring the gong!
    Those who already have umdze training or experience are invited to come for a refresher and to get updated on new protocols. Our current umdzes will bring us the perspective of their inspiration and experience.

    Although there is no charge for this program, donations at the door are welcome. Please register to help us with our planning.