Werma Ritual Training and Feast

with Lynda Faires

April 22nd (2018)

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Room: Vajrayana Shrine Room


The Shambhala New Year was a powerful gathering of our community, especially thanks to your participation in the Mamo Chants, Purity Retreat, and Shambhala Day. This is a great continuation on our path as the “heart of the community.”  Now we have an opportunity to continue our momentum with a guided Werma Feast, to refine our practice in bringing drala to the center.  It's imperative that we have each one of you present! 

Many of you have asked for an opportunity to refine our feast practice and I’ve taken that advice and have invited the Regional Chöpön directors - Lella Gianini-Bialek and Lynda Faires.  They will give a Ritual clinic at our April feast. Please make this feast a priority for cultivating drala through our precision with feast practice!

2-4pm training with the Regional Chöpön directors

4-4:30pm feast set up

4:30-6:30pm Roar of the Werma feast

Food for the Feast: 
Please make sure to bring premium quality food to share for 5 people.  This is your offering to the dralas, the lineage - less like potluck, more like "drala" hour. Here is a link to sign up for the potluck. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Xp0VpAo3lw8oRIRW6_jc1m5Y1nHH087ok_LY_SLmASA

Suggested Donation: $20. Please register below.