Community Conversations: Building a Culture of Kindness

July 8th—July 29th

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    EVERYONE IS WELCOME to join us for weekly community conversations in July. Presently, our community is dealing with the news of allegations of sexual misconduct within the global Shambhala community, including our Sakyong. As many of you know, both the Kalapa Council and the Sakyong have released letters speaking to these allegations. As well, information has been released through the Buddhist Sunshine Project.

    Our leadership will be hosting a safe space and formal container for everyone to express their feelings, thoughts, and concerns openly. We will address them, with complete transparency, to the best of our ability and knowledge.

    Although we all have our individual experience, this is also a matter that affects us collectively, and it is our aspiration to gather and support one another through this process. At this time, we need to remain open. Not only with ourselves, privately, but also with each other. To be honest with our experience, and available to thoroughly process what has occurred, so that we can move forward as a healthier and kinder sangha.

    We envision these conversations as a lab for creating enlightened society. We want to hear your questions, feedback, and concerns. Please bring your curiosity, open heart, doubts, concerns, confidence, trust, and whatever else you hold with respect to our community with you! We will emphasize listening with both courage and kindness.

    Want to talk one-on-one? Please contact one of the Denver Center Meditation Instructors and Leaders.


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