Contentment in Everyday Life

with Shastri Dhi Good

November 13th—December 11th (2018)

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Room: Main Shrine Room

Contentment in Everyday Life provides an exploration of genuine contentment, the foundational views of the Buddhist teachings, and meditation in action for daily life.

Through the gentle precision of meditation practice, we can learn to appreciate ourselves and simple human experiences, free from self-aggression. Difficult emotions and the challenges of life can be met with curiosity, steadiness and humor.

Each class includes a guided meditation and/or contemplation, a short talk or teaching, and time for a discussion about how the material relates to daily life.

Prerequisite: None
Recommended: Meditation in Everyday Life; Shambhala Training Levels I and II.

Please plan on attending each session of the program. The first and last classes are especially important.

About the Teachers

Shastri Dhi Good has been a practicing Buddhist since 1990. She was ordained into the lay order of the Lotus in the Flame Sangha at the Denver Zen Center in 1995, and became a student of Shambhala in 2005. She served as Director of Shambhala Online, working with a virtual team to support online studies in Shambhala. She holds a masters degree in Future Studies from University of Houston and enjoys exploring change, technology and learning organizations.

Betsy Railla began practicing meditation in high school and joined Shambhala in 2003. She came to Colorado in 2008 to work at Shambhala Mountain Center and continued to work for Shambhala until 2017 in various positions including Assistant to the Sakyong Wango, Khandro Tseyang Mukpo. She is currently the Vajrayana Practice and Education Coordinator for the Shambhala Meditation Center of Denver.


The Way of Shambhala is composed of Shambhala Training Levels I-V, each followed by a five-week course that expands upon what was offered in the weekend and brings the practice of meditation into everyday life.  Please click here for a full description of the Way of Shambhala path.

Contentment in Everyday Life is recommended either before or after Shambhala Training Level II, and may also be taken on its own. Shambhala Training Level II will be offered in Denver on October 26-28, 2018.

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