Sunday Open House

May 12th

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    Room: Community Room

    Every Sunday at 10am, the Shambhala Meditation Center Denver (SMCD) hosts a relaxed and informal Open House. We present the activities that are offered at SMCD, and there is an authorized Meditation Instructor present who offers a talk on meditation practice and meditation instruction. This is followed by a discussion and time to meet with others. The Open House usually lasts until about 11:30am.

    When parents are attending the Open House, complimentary child programming is available every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month as part of the Mindful Kids program between 10:00AM and Noon.

    Not just for “new” meditators, instruction is also recommended as part of our ongoing practice. You are always welcome to come in and speak to an instructor about your regular practice, and you may even ask to form a working relationship with the instructor of your choice.  E-mail [email protected] or leave a message on the center phone (303-369-2807) to request more information or schedule an appointment.

    Please come to ask questions about meditation, or just to meditate with others. It's a good way to get an introduction to Shambhala.

    Drop-ins are welcome.