Heart Sutra Study

with Fred Jaben

November 19th—December 17th

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    Room: Main Shrine Room


    The Heart Sutra, or Prajnaparamita, is one of the most important sutras in Buddhist doctrine. And one of the most difficult to penetrate. In this series of four Tuesday evenings, we will take time to investigate the meaning of the Heart Sutra through recitation, contemplation, study and discussion. 

    Join us for one or all four evenings. Please register to help us plan, and it's also OK to drop in.
    Suggested donation: $10 per class.

    …if we insist that the requirements of the logical mind be satisfied, we are missing the point. What the Diamond Sutra is actually delivering is not a systematic treatise, but a series of sledgehammer blows, attacking from this side and that, to try and break through our fundamental delusion. It is not going to make things easy for the logical mind by putting things in a logical form. This sutra is going to be confusing, irritating, annoying, and unsatisfying—and perhaps we cannot ask for it to be otherwise. If it were all set forth neatly and clearly, leaving no loose ends, we might be in danger of thinking we had grasped the Perfection of Wisdom.
    —Sangharakshita, Wisdom Beyond Words

    Suggested readings:
    Article by Karl Brunnholzl (author of Heart Attack Sutra)
    Article & new translation by Thich Nhat Hanh