A Bridge for All Travelers: Compassion Training for Health & Resilience (Urban Retreat)

with Acharya Dale Asrael

March 21st—March 27th

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  • $480 Regular Price
  • $600 Patron Price
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Room: Main Shrine Room

This week of meditation is a deep dive into simplicity and the power of meditation.  We will be led by the esteemed Dale Asrael, who is an Acharya, a master teacher within Shambhala.  You will have the opportunity to enjoy meditation guided by dharma talks, personalized meditation instruction, discussions, readings and contemplative lunches. Each day consists of periods of sitting and walking meditation, shamatha yoga, chants, talks, and a short work session.  

There's a Weekend Option! Participants are welcome to join for all or part of the weekthün. If you are interested in participating for part of the retreat, you may sign up for weekend (Friday night through Sunday) at a cost of $220. Please note in your registration "comments" field if you are coming solely for the weekend, and use the $480 Regular Price option. Do NOT proceed to PayPal for payment. We will contact you regarding the $220 weekend price and make separate payment arrangements. Monday through Friday will be reserved for full-time retreatants only.  This price includes both lunch and dinner meals as well as snacks, a light breakfast and warm comfort drinks (tea & coffee).  

Dale Asrael is an Acharya, a senior teacher and she leads retreats and meditation programs internationally. Dale studies qigong with, and has been authorized to teach by, Daoist lineage-holder Eva Wong. She has taught as Core Faculty at Naropa University since 1992 in the M.A. Buddhist Studies, Contemplative Education, and Counseling programs. She is an Upadhyaya (Buddhist minister). 


The weekthün is a core requirement for several programs along the Shambhala Path, such as Enlightened Society Assembly and Warrior Assembly. Full participation in the urban weekthün will count toward the weekthün requirement for these programs.

As part of the weekthün, SMCD will provide coffee and tea each morning, one-bowl meals at lunch & dinner with vegan, GF and omnivore options, and tea and a light snack in the afternoon. Please eat a good breakfast before you join the group each morning and arrive to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with your weekthün sisters and brothers! 


Register ASAP since this is a great deal (about 50% less than most Weekthüns at land centers) and we have limited amount of space. It's $480 for the full week (~$68/day), which includes both lunch and dinner meals.

You may choose to make a payment at a level that works for you - this may be less (using a partial scholarship) or more than the posted prices, depending on your circumstances - please see below for contact information regarding different payment options.

For those who can offer more than the program price, we have a “Patron Price.” Your generosity in offering the Patron Price helps cover the costs for others who are not able to pay the full price.

 *$50 Cancellation Fee*

If you would like to apply for a partial scholarship (limited number) or to arrange a payment plan, please contact Carolyn Pickton at [email protected]. We ask that you get in touch with Carolyn by March 6th to make these arrangements.


Photo: One bowl meal during our 2019 weekthün.