Heart of Recovery - Half Day Dharma Dive

with Dave Garton & Martha Hildreth

April 11th

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    Room: Shambhala Shrine Room

    This Half Day Dharma Dive will be led by Dave Garton. Anyone working on their recovery from any addiction is welcome. This retreat is free and no registration is required. $5 Suggested Donation are always welcome.

    Buddhism is a path to freedom from suffering. That suffering originates in the addictive quality of the mind and our habitual tendency to grasp at pleasure and push away pain. All addictions stem from these roots.

    The Buddhist path offers a spiritual and psychological process of transformation that has proven to be a most effective treatment for our human addiction to thinking and all the suffering we create with the mind. And Buddhist meditation is the most potent tool there is for recovering our original wholeness or Buddha nature.

    The Heart of Recovery group meets every Monday and Wednesday evening at the Shambhala Meditation Center of Denver. For more information on this group, please click HERE.