Shambhala Sadhana (Online & In Person)

November 21st

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    Shambhala Sadhana: Discovering the Sun of Basic Goodness is a confident, resounding proclamation of the view at the heart of the Shambhala teachings:  
    All beings - you, me, and our society - are basically good.  

    The term sadhana may be translated as "a means for accomplishing something." Language is powerful. Hearing, seeing and reciting the sadhana text is a tool to help us remember and nourish our inherent qualities of wisdom and compassion.

    Everyone is welcome to join in this community practice.

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    Meeting ID: 839 2804 6855
    Passcode: 953090

    To attend the Shambhala Sadhana IN PERSON, you must be registered for today's Sunday Morning Group meditation session.