Shambhala Kids 2018-2019

with Amy Turino

September 16th—May 19th (2019)

Mindful programming aimed at serving kids ages 4 - 8. Continue »

Dragon Club 2018-2019

with Juliette Banerjee

September 16th—May 19th (2019)

Mindful space that aims to serve children ages 9 - 12. Continue »

Children's Day: A Winter Solstice Celebration for All!

December 16th

Join in community at the darkest part of the year to celebrate the light that we all possess. Potluck to proceed the festivities that will commence at sundown. Continue »

Parenting as Path - Winter/Spring Semester

with Dr. Andra Brill & Gwen Pollara

January 6th (2019)

Join other parents on the path of parenting in meditation, contemplation and discussion. Continue »

Shambhala Day 2019

February 10th (2019)

Everyone is welcome to our community celebration to start the new year! Continue »