Heart of Recovery

The Heart of Recovery meeting is an open group of those interested in relating meditation practice to our addiction recovery. This meeting combines meditation, study and group discussion of Buddhist teachings and Twelve Step literature. Our group is intended as a supplement to, rather than a substitute for, Twelve Step work. We strongly encourage you to fully work the Twelve Steps as part of your personal program of recovery.

Each Monday and Wednesday we begin at 6:30 PM with thirty minutes of meditation. We then introduce ourselves however we feel comfortable, followed by the week’s group leader sharing a topic and passing the Talking Stick. Our discussion lasts approximately one hour and we follow the Twelve Step tradition of respecting anonymity and refraining from cross-talk or advice-giving. We close the meeting with the Shambhala Dedication of Merit and encourage you to sign up on the calendar to lead future meetings and share your experience, strength and hope.

This group is an evolution of a Shambhala study group called Sarpashana for members suffering from alcoholism and addiction. Sarpashana is a Sanskrit tern meaning “poison eater.” The symbol for our group is the peacock because of an ancient myth that the peacock acquires its brilliant plumage from its ability to transform poison into beauty. In our practice, we transform the poison of addiction into a spiritual medicine which we call recovery. Then, with genuine pride in being fearlessly human and at home in the world, we can share what we have learned with others who suffer. All who wish to join us are welcome.

The Shambhala Meditation Center of Denver generously allows us the use of this space, and we ask that you reciprocate when we pass the donation basket. Please give generously! A wise man (Bill W.) once said, “When we are generous with the hat we give a token that we are grateful for our blessings.”

Heart of Recovery Group Meeting Format

1. Bell Rings: Brief Meditation Instruction
2. Thirty Minutes of Meditation
3. Form Circle and Clear Cushions
4. Introductory Statement
5. Announcements and Passing of Calendar
6. Group Introductions and Topic Distribution
7. Group Reading of Topic
8. Group Sharing and Passing of Donation Basket
9. Dedication of Merit and Closing Bow

Contacts for More Information

Monday evenings: Dave Garton, davespeaks@aol.com, 303.918.8841
Wednesday evenings: Martha Hildreth, marthahildreth@comcast.net, 303.671.0611