SMCD Strategic Planning 2016

A Community Initiative That’s Shaping Our Future

SMCD Strategic Planning

In April 2015, the leadership of the Shambhala Meditation Center of Denver (SMCD), along with the professional consultation of Joe Pollara and Kendra Sandoval, launched the process of creating a 3-5 year strategic plan.  Since then, there have been many community gatherings to identify critical areas in need of thoughtful planning in order to support SMCD’s continued growth and success. Many members have enthusiastically volunteered to get involved with each of these critical areas and form what have come to be called ‘Action Teams.’  Below is a list of each of these Action Teams, as well as the chair for each Team, along with their email.  While the Teams have formed, there is always room for more to become involved and we welcome your energy and ideas!  Please feel free to email the chair of whatever Action Team you may be interested in to see how you might contribute. Updates  on the Strategic Planning process will be posted on this page, so please check back periodically.

Action Teams:

Space Team, Coleman Zeigen,
Path of Being a Volunteer, Chris Bacon (Sponsor)
Membership Enrichment, Tina Zihlman,
Programming Team, Gwen Pollara,
Finance Team, Taylor Owen,
Community Engagement,  Jennifer Yarbro (Sponsor),
Change Management, Rick Frost,
Communications Team, Steve Krizman,

Summary of Activities:

To date, the teams have been tasked with coming up with objectives as well as metrics to measure progress through 2018.

The Space Team has developed the objective of investigating the feasibility of launching satellite centers in different quadrants of the greater Denver metro area. This would allow SMCD to make programs, community events, and open meditation accessible to far greater numbers. One area has been prioritized and a satellite is expected to begin operating on a limited and experimental basis in early 2016.

The Communications Team is tasked with facilitating communication between the various strategic planning Action Teams, the leadership of SMCD, and keeping the current membership up to speed on strategic planning developments. An area of the bulletin board at the Center will be dedicated to posting updates from the various Action Teams.  Additionally, via the form below, we welcome your input, comments, or questions about this process or other aspects of SMCD.

The Programming Team has brainstormed a list of potential programming topics to engage and serve both our current sangha and the broader Denver community.  Over the next year, these ideas will be vetted and researched and winnowed down to a short priority list. For the near term, the focus will be on introductory level programming and on raising the awareness and inclusion of children and families in SMCD’s general offerings.

The Path of Being a Volunteer Team is focused on the issues of volunteer recruitment, training, and scheduling which are critical to the day to day operations of SMCD.  Their goal is to put together an overall system, such as regularly scheduled trainings, incentives, and administrative processes to ensure the center’s volunteer needs are met, as well as providing meaningful and rewarding experiences for the volunteers.

The Membership Enrichment Team is looking to expand our membership base and improve the membership experience. They are envisioning improvements to our current Open House offering, proposing the creation on new gateway events and programs, and brainstorming new members-only offerings.

The Community Engagement Team is pursuing opportunities for SMCD to meet the needs of the wider Denver community and hopes to form a long-term partnership with at least one organization to accomplish this.  They are currently working on a process for developing partnerships. They are planning to hold periodic events that will cultivate diversity and inclusivity in our sangha and will increase our outreach to diverse segments of the broader Denver community.

The Finance Team is currently working on finalizing the 2016 budget and reviewing the financial needs of the various strategic planning Action Teams. They are reviewing the financial considerations of both maintaining our current space and simultaneously offering programs and events at a satellite center.

The objective of the Change Management Team is to facilitate all the other teams in the execution of their work and offer consultative services. This might include helping them to overcome any obstacles that arise, helping them stay focused on their objectives, ensure their objectives and plans are achievable, and identify areas of overlap with other teams.  The Change Management Team is not highly active at this stage of the process, but will likely become more involved as the strategic planning process evolves.

The Strategic Planning Action Teams have met as a large group for day-long meetings on a few occasions over the fall and winter, while the individual action teams have met according to a schedule set by the teams themselves.  At the present time, the major focus for all teams is on the opening of our new satellite center at The Highland Event Center (HEC), 3401 W. 29th Ave., Denver, CO  80211.  We look forward to offering open sitting meditation as well as other programs there in the near future.

Strategic Planning Feedback

For your comments, questions, or suggestions about our strategic planning process or vision for the future!