Transition Sub Committee

SMCD Transition Sub Committee Update 06/21/19

Transitions at SMCD

Glenn Austin completes his three-year term as the Denver Center Director at the end of September.  Over the years, Glenn has led our Denver sangha with great integrity, kindness, and presence.  He proved to be the right person in the right job when disclosures of sexual misconduct and abuse by the Sakyong and other Shambhala leaders emerged a year ago.  He was steady with a strong back and a soft front as he communicated, fielded difficult questions with no answers and held the pain of our community as we struggled.

The reason Glenn is not applying for a second term is that we can no longer afford to pay the salary for a full-time Director.  Donations to SMCD and our programming revenues have substantially declined over the past year.  For more details about our current financial situation see 2019 Membership Drive  (add website link).

Many Shambhala centers have succumbed to the pressures of reduced membership and funding by closing their doors. To dance and bend with the changing realities and continue to be a thriving Shambhala center, we believe we need a new management structure that includes volunteer and possibly PT paid positions to close the gap between expenses and income.

Under the direction of the Leadership Council, a Transition Committee has been formed to develop a new management structure that addresses the administrative, operational and leadership responsibilities of running the Center and to recruit for the new positions.  Members of the committee are Joshua Andert, Nan Clydesdale, Laurie Lavine, Todd Pickton, Jackie Roberts, and Amy Turino.  Nan and Todd are co-facilitating the committee.  If you have any thoughts or recommendations, please contact any of the members.   As the committee works through its process in the summer months ahead, expect more newsletter communications.

Without your dedication and support, the Denver community would not be as healthy as it is today.  And we need more.  We need more of your financial support through membership donations.  We need more of your time and efforts to help run the Center.  We need you to volunteer to staff a program, help with cleaning, be a host, umdze or MI Sunday mornings.

By the confidence of the golden sun of the great east, may we keep our community together, keep teaching meditation, keep providing programs for families and children, keep holding Heart of Recovery meetings, and keep supporting the spiritual growth of our community.