Ziji Collective

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The Ziji Collective is an engaged community inspired by the Shambhala vision of a genuine human society. Open to all ages and backgrounds, it is a platform for:

  • Social Meditation
  • Community (salons and potlucks)
  • Youth Leadership


Ziji Collective (ZC) of Denver

Ziji Collective Council of Denver: Yuko Barringer (left) and Amanda Trujillo (right)

Ziji Collective Council of Denver: Yuko Barringer (left) and Amanda Trujillo (right)

The ZC of Denver is led by a council of 2 members, Yuko Barringer and Amanda Trujillo.  They are supported by the Rocky Mountain Regional Representative, Jackie Chavarria.  The ZC of Denver’s vision is to foster a collaborative community that encourages vulnerability and sincerity. These are crucial qualities of embodying a culture of kindness.

Currently, the main offering of the ZC of Denver is Social Meditation.   The ZC of Denver aspires to offer opportunities for networking, social action, and service.

For more information please email zijicollectivedenver@gmail.com and see our programs page for the latest ZC offering.



Social Meditation Slogan:          Awkward is not the enemy

History of the Ziji Collective

During the Occupy movement in Davis, California, Alex VanGils, a UC Davis student, and others wanted to offer something to their community in the midst of chaos.  They began offering meditation sessions at protesting sites.  This inspired Alex to create a platform to manifest Shambhala principles in action.

Together with the Shambhala Meditation Center of San Francisco Director, Cody McGough, they created the first Ziji Collective that spread throughout Northern California.  They offered evenings of engaged conversation, opportunities to network with organizations, and creative community gatherings.

Due to the popularity of the Ziji Collective, it spread throughout the Shambhala community by the efforts of young Sangha members.


Ziji Collective within Shambhala

“Ziji” (pronounced like zee-gee) is the Tibetan word for the innate, brilliant confidence possessed by all beings.  This is an international organization within the Shambhala mandala.  There is a ZC Global Council that is comprised of some fantastic folks, who are supporting international ZC groups.  Click link to read more.


Social Meditation 

Social Meditation is a practice developed by Acharya Adam Lobel and Shastri Nick Kranz to foster genuine communication. It is a group practice that explores listening and speaking from our present moment experience. You are invited to speak when you feel called and no one is required to speak. The only requirement is that you show up as you are. We begin sessions with sitting meditation followed by the main practice.  This may include diads, eye gazing, and discussion. The practice will conclude with a period of socializing with refreshments. Please contact: socialmeditationdenver@gmail.com to learn more about social meditation.