It Depends on Each of Us

The Shambhala Code of Conduct applies to everyone in Shambhala and at every activity sponsored by Shambhala. 

With the uplifting of our space at the Denver Center, a copy of the Code of Conduct is now displayed in the Community Room. 

This is the Shambhala of Code of Conduct that applies to centers from Nova Scotia to South America, from the Ukraine to South Africa, from Asia to Australia. 

Number One on the list of Practices of Good Conduct is “Treat all with respect and work for the welfare of all. Be law-abiding and decent. Be true to your relationships.  Avoid harming others.”

Clearly the code is born out of our Shambhala mission “to create an awake and compassionate society through personal and collective transformation.”  

Number Two is “Practice disciplines that benefit you and others.   Take responsibility for your state of mind.” This sure sounds like our meditation practice.  We are a community of individuals who can work with our own mind and take responsibility for our own mind. We know that our thoughts lead to our actions — our words, our behavior.   Our practice is to be responsible for our actions and to understand our impact on others.  

Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche was intimately familiar with the way fear and fearlessness operate in life, and once said we are all swimming in fear.  Too often our aggressive behavior or discriminatory treatment of others is born out of fear.  From the second jewel, the Dharma, we have Rinpoche’s teachings on how the experience of fear can help us to meet life’s challenges with bravery and how we can commit to doing no harm.    

The bottom section of the Shambhala Code of Conduct addresses misconduct and our commitment to protecting community life and the space for everyone. 

The Code specifically says harassment, bullying, sexual abuse, manipulating another person for a sexual relationship is prohibited.  

There is a specific Diversity, Inclusivity, and Anti-discrimination Policy that addresses discrimination based on race, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical, mental and perceptual disabilities, etc.

The Child Protection Policy sets out safeguards for the wellbeing of minors in Shambhala and specifically states criminal child sexual abuse must be reported to law enforcement.   

The Policy for People Holding Positions of Authority clarifies the additional responsibilities for anyone in a leadership role in Shambhala, whose actions can have a greater impact because of that positional power.   

You can find these four policy statements on the Code of Conduct Hub, a comprehensive website available to everyone throughout the Shambhala global community.  

Additionally, on the Hub is the process for addressing reports of misconduct.  Anyone with a concern or a complaint can use this process.  Further, anyone in our Denver Shambhala Center community should feel free to contact any Team Lead or the Health and Well-Being Team: [email protected]

It is an act of generosity to care for everyone’s well being.

It is an act of generosity to be a steward of our Code of Conduct. 

Prepared by Nan Clydesdale, October 2023.