Colorado Legislative Update

HB21-1142: Eyewitness Identification Showup Regulations is a bill making its way through the Colorado State Legislature. Center member Jackie Larner is part of Together Colorado, one of the bill’s sponsors. She extends an invitation to us all: Do you wish you could be active in understanding and pursuing the elimination of institutional racism in Colorado?  … Continue 

Shambhala Day 2021 Highlights

On February 14, the Denver community celebrated Losar, the Tibetan New Year, by practicing the Shambhala Sadhana, followed by some presentations, offerings, toasts and appreciations. Here are some of the highlights. Dharma Art Poetry from Larry Seidl Appreciations  

Statement of Solidarity

A Message from SMCD Leadership:  In the two weeks since the brutal murder of George Floyd by a member of the Minneapolis Police Department while 3 other police officers participated or stood by, People of Color have marched in the streets night after night, day after day, side by side with white people in cities … Continue 

Center Director Search 2020

The Shambhala Meditation Center of Denver has a Center Director position available for a person who has a depth of experience and compassion to work with the Denver Shambhala community during these uncertain times.   The start date will be Harvest of Peace in September 2020. To apply, see the position description and application instructions … Continue 

Why Join the Denver Shambhala Center

A Message from Nan Clydesdale Our contemporary life seems to swallow us up like a swift river. Consumed by our work, busy families and a glaringly divisive society, we are challenged to maintain our social contacts and genuine friendships. Isolated and alone, some people have begun to regard reaching out for human contact as burdensome … Continue 

Gratitude in a Time of Thanksgiving

By Jean Usack ~~ The Shambhala Center in Denver opens Sunday morning to the bright eyes and tender hearts of the volunteers and staff who commit each week to the practice of community and meditation. We exchange cheerful salutations and bustle about, readying the Center to open. I tilt my head to observe how precisely … Continue