Why Join the Denver Shambhala Center

A Message from Nan Clydesdale Our contemporary life seems to swallow us up like a swift river. Consumed by our work, busy families and a glaringly divisive society, we are challenged to maintain our social contacts and genuine friendships. Isolated and alone, some people have begun to regard reaching out for human contact as burdensome … Continue 

Gratitude in a Time of Thanksgiving

By Jean Usack ~~ The Shambhala Center in Denver opens Sunday morning to the bright eyes and tender hearts of the volunteers and staff who commit each week to the practice of community and meditation. We exchange cheerful salutations and bustle about, readying the Center to open. I tilt my head to observe how precisely … Continue 

Looking Deeply: Meditation, Difference, & Inclusion

By Jeff Scott // Jeff Scott is a teacher within the Shambhala community with a particular interest in how meditation practice can be a crucial tool for working with issues of diversity, bias, and harm.  In this article, he responds to questions on this topic from Shambhala Mountain Center staff member Travis Newbill, and the … Continue 

Denver Shambhala’s Q&A Regarding Allegations Against Shambhala Leaders

Q&A Regarding the allegations against Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and other leaders in Shambhala. How has the Shambhala Meditation Center of Denver reacted to the allegations of sexual misconduct against Sakyong Mipham?   The news of these allegations is absolutely heart breaking and has rocked our community. Our members and friends are experiencing many feelings and emotions … Continue 

“Alcohol and Shambhala and You” by Dave Garton

Alcohol was simply part of our family routine. I remember a tan leather briefcase that went with us on all road trips. It opened into a full velvet bar complete with glasses hanging from a rack, little crystal holders for the silver stirring accessories, condiment holders for one’s choice of vegetables or fruit in the … Continue 

Shambhala and #MeToo and You

This year the Shambhala community has been rocked by Project Sunshine Reports alleging sexual misconduct by Shambhala teachers and leaders, including Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. As the spiritual leader of our community, the Sakyong is a guiding example for Shambhala. Naturally, the #MeToo allegations are devastating to his close students and anyone affiliated with Shambhala. Shambhala hired the … Continue