Shambhala Kids 2018-2019

with Amy Turino

September 16th—May 19th

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    Room: West Auxiliary Rooms

    The Shambhala Kids program uses meditation, yoga, art, music, drama and other sensory-rich activities to help children:

    • develop inner strength, confidence and compassion

    • realize the basic goodness of all sentient beings

    • come to know the six paramitas and the four dignities of Shambhala, and

    • relax in coming to know themselves

    The activities offered in the Shambhala Kids program are engaging while also allowing for spaciousness, seldom permitted in today’s world. Children can be who they are in that moment: creative, active, joyful, or just quiet and observing.

    Cost: $10 drop-in fee per child, or free as part of your Shambhala Meditation Center of Denver FAMILY Membership.

    No pre-registration required.

    Shambhala Kids is targeted towards children ages 4 through 8.  Please feel free to direct any questions about programming to the Children and Families team at [email protected]

    Our Shambhala Kids Teacher...

    Amy Turino has been a public school educator for the past 16 years. She enjoys learning alongside children as they discover the world around them. Discovery through curiosity, passion and wonder are tools to understand our world and others. Through hands-on and creative experiences, Amy enjoys helping children find their voice and develop an understanding of who they are in the world and how they can use their gifts to help others. Amy loves the community and space provided within the Shambhala Meditation Center to do this work and looks forward to continuing to support and grow programming for children and families here at SMCD.  Amy currently is the SMCD Children and Families Coordinator, you can reach her at [email protected]