The Compassionate Men Project

December 20th (2018)

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    Room: Shambhala Shrine Room

    Our goal is to co-create an environment of healthy masculinity and respect for femininity through being more accountable, honest, self-reflective, brave & vulnerable.  We are curious about personal and social issues like: "How can I be a better man?" "What are some common struggles of the marginalized communities around us?" "How have we contributed to those struggles and how can we renounce causing pain?"  

    In this men's group we address important social issues by compassionately reflecting and taking accountability.  In this climate of the #MeTooMovement, #BlackLivesMatter, struggles of LGBTQ communities and people of color, we have the opportunity to support and reconcile our own ignorance around these issues. During these meetings there will be a variety of conversation topics, and at times guest speakers, both male and female and from a diverse background.  

    Some example topics for CMP:

    What is "mansplaining" and how to stop interrupting women?

    Embracing the feminine while retaining the masculine - How can we be open and in touch with our feelings?

    What is the #MeToo Movement and why is it important?

    How do we embrace the various people's of color communities and LGBTQ communities?

    As men, how can we create a safe space?

    What is cultural appropriation and how do we avoid it?

    What is gender neutral and gender inclusive language?


    We don't have the answers, so how can we work with all of the above?  We want to be healthy and we want our society to be healthy.  How can we help from a place of integrity instead of fear?  We can talk and create space around these topics.  All we know for sure is we need to be clear about our personal blind spots and past behaviors including society's so we can move forward and be healthy men.

    Our community is donation based, so please generously offer!  $10 suggested donation.