Leadership Council Meeting (closed meeting)

July 14th

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    Room: Teacher Suite

    Monthly Leadership Council sessions are closed meetings for members of the SMCD Council.

    However, please feel warmly invited to share any agenda items, requests to attend, or comments and concerns. Email us at [email protected]

    You may also wish to attend our monthly operations on the 1st Sunday of every month. More information can be found here.


    SMCD Leadership Council Members:

    • Drew Bromfield, Rusung
    • Glenn Austin, Center Director
    • Carolyn Pickton, Director of Finance
    • Amy Turino, Families & Children Coordinator
    • Nathan Railla, Director of Practice & Education
    • Laurie Lavine, Representative, Office of Culture & Decorum
    • Lisa Sewald, Representative, Office of Societal Health & Well-being
    • Dhi Good, Shastri (standing invitation)
    • Denise Wuensch, Shastri (standing invitation)