Community Meeting

October 13th

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    Room: Community Room

    October 13 2019 Community Meeting Agenda

    Introduction to our Provisional Format

    We will be gathering in the Main Shrine Room and sitting in two concentric circles.  The center circle will be seats for representatives of groups, tasks, or jobs held at the center.  The larger circle is the open sitting for all interested parties to attend the community meeting but are not a specific representative of any particular group or program.  For space reasons - only one representative from any group is able to sit in the center circle.  Those in the larger circle are able to still suggest agenda items and note their intent or desire to speak at the meeting by informing the facilitator.  This is a provisional format and following the experience of this new way, we will take feedback to inform how we continue or modify future meetings.

    The center circle will have a representative from: facilitator, director, administrator, administrator - minutes taker, People of Color Group, Families and Children, Heart of Recovery, Social Meditation, White Awake Group, LGBTQ+/Queer Dharma, Societal Health and Well-Being, Practice and Education, Kasung, Finance, Ikebana, Vajrayana, Team Magic, Shrine Care, Bookstore, Culture and Decorum

    The Larger Circle which represents the Community is for ALL: Members, Shastris, Shambhala Educators, Non-Members, Friends and Family

    Our Provisional Agenda for Sunday October 13th:

    • Introductions of the Center Circle Representatives
    • Share the View of the Provisional Meeting Format
    • Discuss
      • Upcoming Programming (Needs and Announcements)
      • P&E Director 
      • Budget
      • Executive Council
    • Feedback Collection about this Provisional Format
      • Announcement of Center Survey to collect feedback from all stakeholders
    • Dedicate the Merit

    Anyone who has agenda items to be added beyond this list may email the Center Directors at [email protected] There will also be an index card agenda topic submission availablity on Sunday Morning - - these index cards would be handed to the facilitator.  The Facilitator Sunday, October 13th is Amy Turino.