Community Meeting

December 8th

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    Room: Community Room

    Join in Leading SMCD into the future.  Community Meetings will be held every 2nd Sunday at noon for all those inspired to support SMCD make enlightened society possible.


    Sit in Meditation


    Center Circle: Name, Representative Role, One Word Check-in

    Larger Community Circle: Name, One Word Check-in

    Minutes Review from November 2019 Community Meeting

    Minutes from previous Community Meetings can be read here and will be discussed at the start of meetings.

    Executive Team Update

    Team Magic Needs and Update

    Practice and Education Needs and Update

    Families and Children Update

    Children's Day Dec 15th

    Children Deliver the Dharma Talk

    Other Rep Updates

    Winter Solstice Sit-A-Thon



    Dedicate the Merit