Dharma Dive (In Person)

May 18th

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Room: Main Shrine Room


It's not about ME.

Directions: Repeat as needed.

Martha Hildreth
9/30/1932 - 4/15/2022


It's not about ME. The entire Buddhist Path can be summed up by these four words given to us by Martha Hildreth. She often said this in the Heart of Recovery meetings with a laugh, a smile, and presence that let us hear this profound teaching and apply it to our everyday life in the most practical ways.

Imagine a life that we meet in the present moment with all it’s unknowable causes and conditions with an open equanimity resting on the bedrock of our self existing Basic Goodness (Buddha Nature). There being no ME to add a commentary of “ME LIKE” or “ME NO LIKE” or “ME NO CARE." Instead we can make room for everything in our human experience with curiosity, humor, and compassion.

Breaking the habits of running every arising moment through the archives of our ego is entirely possible through the practices we learn in meditation and the teachings of the Dharma. Learning to lighten up about ourselves in the most practical of ways becomes available to us when we gather as a Sangha and share our collective wisdom and experience.

Dave will provide an introductory dharma talk on Sunday, May 12th, Mother's Day. This Dharma Dive will provide a deeper exploration with discussion and readings from Pema Chödrön and lojong teachings that let us dissolve the hard knots of a ME which obscures the genuine nature of our human existence.

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