October 2017 Monthly Newsletter

October 2017 Monthly Newsletter

October has finally arrived! We are very excited that Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche will be visiting Denver on October 20th and 21st. This event is the first of three on the North American Tour supporting his new book, The Lost Art of Good Conversation: A Mindful Way to Connect with Others and Enrich Everyday Life. The weekend will include a public talk on Friday night and a day-long retreat on Saturday led by the Sakyong, Lodro Rinzlerand Susan Piver.

We are also offering a reduced rate for couples, families and students to attend. Please use the promo code COUPLEPRICE to save $125 on 2 tickets ($375) or TRIPLEPRICE to save $200 on 3 tickets ($550). Students are also eligible for a $150 ticket with the promo code STUDENTPRICE.


Supporting the Sakyong Visit in Your Neighborhood!

Connect with your Shambhala neighbors and help us promote the Sakyong’s Book Tour event in your neighborhood.

Please click here to be part of the Denver “Neighborhood Hub” network. Simply let us know what region of Denver you live in and we will help connect you with other sangha members in your neighborhood. In time, these “Neighborhood Hubs” will be a resource for arranging meet-ups, sharing services and announcements. We hope to use this group to help support Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s Book Tour.

Sign up today and meet your neighbors!

Stop by the Denver Center to pick up flyers, postcards and posters from the center, whatever size suits you best. They are out and ready for you to grab a supply. Hand them out to people you think would be interested and put them up at the places you frequent; your favorite coffee shop, your work, gym or medical provider’s office – wherever you see a board!


Heart of Recovery Group Half-Day Intensive – October 2017

with Martha Hildreth

October 14th

This 1/2 day intensive is open to anyone who is interested in relating 12-step work to the Buddhist path.
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Refuge Vow Class

with Shastri Dhi Good

October 15th—October 22nd

The Refuge Vow is the ancient, traditional ceremony of becoming a Buddhist. This class is recommended if you plan to take the Refuge Vow, or for anyone interested in learning more about what it means to be Buddhist.
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Werma Feast – October 2107

October 18th

A feast gathering for all Shambhala Tantrikas.
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The Essential Pema Chödrön

with Dhi Good

October 18th—November 8th

Join us for exploring the essential writings of Pema Chödrön, based on The Essential Pema Study Guide
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The Lost Art of Good Conversation

with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Lodro Rinzler, Susan Piver

October 20th—October 21st

Denver is the first stop on the national book tour in support of the Sakyong’s new book, The Lost Art of Conversation. Continue »

Learn to Meditate

with Patricia Kelly

November 4th

A one day workshop that is suitable for those who want to begin a practice with in-depth instruction, as well as those who want to refresh their practice and view.
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Qigong Level 3

with Acharya Dale Asrael

November 17th—November 19th

A form of gentle, relaxing exercise that strengthens joints, muscles, tendons, and bones; increases flexibility; stimulates the circulation of energy in our body; and enhances mental clarity.
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Shambhala Training Level I – The Art of Being Human

December 1st—December 2nd

This program includes meditation instruction and conversation with experienced teachers, along with the opportunity to learn and practice in a community that honors kindness and authenticity. Open to all!
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We had a successful retreat in August with Shastri Nick Kranz.  The weekly Thursday gathering of Social Meditation is feeling the energy of this retreat and invite you to join us 6:30 – 8:30pm on Thursday evenings to practice.  If you are still curious about what Social Meditation is check out this video here.


Amy Turino is stepping into the role of Chair of the Children and Families Committee as of Harvest of Peace.  This transition is being made to support the ongoing growth of children and family programming which has blossomed this Fall to include Shambhala Kids (ages 4-9), Dragon Club (ages 10-14), and Parenting as Path.  The children’s offerings are on 1st & 3rd Sundays.  Parenting as Path is on the 1st Sunday except for October, which is on the 15th due to the Harvest of Peace Celebration on the first.  We hope you enjoy being greeted by the children’s offering on the welcome table this Harvest of Peace.
We are looking to replace the side tables in our community room. If you are interested in helping with this initiative or donating to the cost of purchasing new side tables, please let us know!

We need a new gong! The main shrine room gong was on loan to our community. It is no longer in use at our center. If you are inspired to help us manifest another one, please let us know.

Contact our Director, Glenn at [email protected].

A special thank you to the generous donors who helped us create the beautiful sidewalk sandwich signs for the front of the property!

Varieties of Kasung Practice: Part 2

Over the years, a variety of practice types have developed and this month we’ll focus on exploring kasungship beyond the Denver Center. Campaign practice includes extended periods of service, often organized around major visits and international tours by lineage teachers or recurring events, such as seminaries, assemblies, and other large practice events. Magyal Pomra Encampment (MPE) Practice takes place at the “gathering of the clan” at the drala grounds of Shambhala Mountain Center, Dorje Denma Ling, or locations in Europe and involves physically creating the Dorje Kasung mandala from empty ground, and proceeds into daily drill, slogan, and sadhana practice, study, physical work, and enjoyment of our special deep camaraderie. Gar Practice, or camp practice, is an intensified form of campaign or MPE practice, typically occurs at Centers, is organized around servicing major events, is located MPE-style on dedicated ground, and has its own unique mission. Left Out Practice can occur at any post and happens when your accepted duty means that you will miss something such as a talk, an audience, or a special event, resulting in a powerful experience of surrendering personal gain and exchanging self for others, as well as experiencing loneliness and tender heart, and ultimately realizing you’re not missing anything. Lastly, Command Practice involves being asked to assume a command position and taking on greater responsibility, providing guidance and leadership to others, setting the example of warriorship for those you work with, and exchanging self for others over and over again without expectation of merit or recognition–enlightened leadership.

Excerpt from “The Dorje Kasung Handbook”

Learn more about the Dorje Kasung.


Winter Dathün: Creating Enlightened Society

December 16 – January 14

Meditate for a full month or a week in retreat at Shambhala Mountain Center. During this Winter Dathün led by Acharya Daniel Hessey, we will use every part of our day––including meditating together, eating together, individual meditation instruction, noble silence and daily teachings––to engage in practice. Learn more and register.

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